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Mixbus7-Set click out

Record Click Tracks in Harrison Mixbus 7

If you’ve been wanting to know how you can record the metronome’s audio in Harrison Mixbus 7, read on. I was looking for a way to make an audio file that I could use on any device, especially when there isn’t a metronome available to help keep me in time. Today’s post covers the steps to record click tracks in Harrison Mixbus 7.

07 December 2021 – Written by Michael R. Myers

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tags: #mykmyrs #mixbus7 #harrisonconsoles #daw #mikem #confguration #clicktrack #metronome

What You’ll Need to Get Started

Steps to Record Click Tracks in Harrison Mixbus 7

  1. Create a new session in Mixbus 7 with the Empty Template option. I am using a Mac running OS Catalina is the steps/screenshots that follow.
  2. Configure your audio as needed when prompted.
  3. Set your session’s beats per minute (BPM) value. I used 135 BPM in this example. Mixbus7-Set Session BPM
  4. Verify you are in the Edit view by clicking Edit at the top right side of Mixbus.  Keyboard shortcut CTRL + M will toggle between the Edit and Mix views. Mixbus7-Set Edit View
  5. Create a new mono track to record the click sound by pressing SHIFT + COMMAND + N.
  6. Click the “In” button at the top of the Editor Mixer strip for your new track. Mixbus7-Set Track In Button
  7. Click the input source name below the “In” button on the Editor Mixer strip and click the list item named “Routing Grid”.
  8. Click the “Mixbus Misc” tab on the left.  When the dialog window appears, click to place a single green dot in the “Click Out – L” row. Mixbus7-Set click out
  9. Press SHIFT + B to arm the audio track for recording.
  10. Make sure your metronome is enabled by either clicking on its button or pressing the tick mark key (usually to the left of the number 1 key, also having the tilde character, on a US keyboard).
  11. Press SHIFT + Spacebar, or the 3 key on the numeric keypad, to begin recording.  Using the 3 key has some other useful keys pre-mapped around it:  1 is rewind, 2 is fast forward and 0 is play/stop.
  12. Press the Spacebar or the 3 keypad key to stop recording.
  13. Press the Home key to return the playhead to the track’s starting position.
  14. You can keep the audio file in this session, and you can also export as its own audio file if you wish so that you can drop it into other products.


Creating a dedicated audio track for a metronome is pretty simple in Mixbus 7. I don’t have other versions of Mixbus to try the instructions, so your outcome may be different if you try on a different version. Let me know how the instructions worked for you. Hopefully you had success in your efforts to record click tracks in Harrison Mixbus.

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